Invested Life

Invested Life: Comprehensive Risk Investment Product

Overview: Invested Life is an all-in-one risk investment product designed to provide a range of essential covers and benefits. Whether you’re planning for the future, safeguarding against unforeseen events, or securing your retirement, Invested Life has you covered.
Burial Cover (Invested Life 1)
  • Coverage: R15,000
  • Details: Provides financial support for funeral expenses.
  • Legal Cover: Includes legal services.
  • Medical Cost: Covers all medical expenses.
  • MediCover: Extends medical coverage.
  • Car Accident: Offers 100% of the approved claim amount.
  • Money Saver: Accumulates 50% of premiums paid.
  • Total Premium: R200.
Life, Disability, and Critical Illness (Invested Life 2)
  • Life Cover: R100,000
  • Disability Cover: R100,000
  • Critical Illness: R100,000
  • Money Saver: Additional savings of R1,000.
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Enhanced Coverage (Invested Life 3)
  • Burial Cover: R15,000
  • Life Cover: R100,000
  • Disability Cover: R100,000
  • Critical Illness: R100,000
  • MediCover: Comprehensive medical cost coverage.
  • Car Accident: Full approval amount.
  • Money Saver: Starting from R1,000.
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Terms and Benefits:

  • Car Accident Cover:
    • Helps members receive 100% of the approved claim amount from the South African Road Accident Fund (RAF).
  • Legal Cover:
    • Provides legal advice and consulting for RAF claims.
  • MediCover:
    • Pays for all medical costs related to car injuries.
  • Money Saver:
    • Add to your premiums and watch your savings grow at the inflation rate.
  • Retirement Annuity:
    • At 65 years, the Burial Cover Policy becomes paid up, and the Money Saver converts into a retirement annuity.
  • Maximum Entry Age:
    • 50 years old.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply.
Provided By: JM BUSHA
  • FSP: 45776
  • FSP: 46113